How to Reduce The Energy Consumption In Your Home

If you are interested in reducing your home energy consumption, there are a number of great strategies that you can use to save energy throughout your home or throughout your business in the UK. Keep some of these top strategies in mind if you are hoping to reduce your energy consumption so that you can lower your electricity bill every month

Replace your lighting

Replacing your lighting with the latest in LED bulbs could have you using just a fraction of the power that you were using before. Older style incandescent bulbs could be using nearly 80% more power than their LED equivalents. Changing over the bulbs inside your house or inside your business could often result in a much lower energy bill over time.

Using dimmers

Using dimmers with LED lights and making sure to completely turn off all of the lights in a room when they are not in use is an essential element of cost savings in your light and energy budget.

Use more natural light

Getting later drapery and making more use of the Windows inside your home or business can help you to cut down on your energy bill over time. Turning off a few lights and using only natural light could save you countless dollars every year on the cost of your energy.

Start unplugging all of your unused electronics

Many of the top appliances in your home may be continuing to suck power even while they are on standby mode. It estimated that around 10% of your electricity bill is accredited to many of the appliances that you can have around the home or around your office that sit in standby without getting unplugged.

Upgrade appliances

Energy efficient appliances are one of the best ways that you can see a substantial boost in your energy savings over time. Switching over to an energy-efficient television, energy-efficient washer dryer, energy-efficient dishwasher or a new refrigerator could really help you to reduce your overall energy consumption at home or at the office. Any major appliances over 10 years old could be costing you 40% more electricity.

Change to a smart thermostat

Picking up a smart thermostat and managing your electric heat with programmed functions can really help you save a lot on electricity. Lowering your thermostat by 5° every time you are out of a property could save you 10% on your energy bill. Just imagine having a thermostat that will automatically do this whenever you leave for work each day.

Start washing your laundry cold

Doing laundry with cold water could help you to reduce your energy bill over time. Choosing to naturally dry your clothes and using your dryer last will also help save you money on energy.

Fix drafts in your home

Although this isn’t always easy if you have an older home or property, fixing up drafts or even just using some spray foam insulation could help you to improve your energy consumption around the house. Even using some glazing film on your Windows can help to save on energy and its quite an inexpensive fix with for regular size windows costing around £8 to cover.

Check your insulation

Insulating in some of the unseen areas of your home also remains quite important. Installing new insulation inside your wall or checking on the status of a loft can be one of the largest elements of cost savings with electric heat in your property.

Remember some of these top tips if you’re interested in saving money on your energy bills in the United Kingdom this year.

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