The Complete Moving House Checklist

If you are going to be moving house in the UK it remains extremely important that you follow a checklist to make sure that nothing is overlooked. Preparing to move house and making sure that you are well prepared can be no easy task especially with all the stress of moving. Here are some of the top items that you can consider for an easier moving day

Several weeks before your move

Several weeks before your move you’re going to want to get a confirmation on your moving date so that you can book a mover, a moving truck and begin to get organized. Once you have your moving date you can start the process of notifying your landlord, checking out home insurance, acquiring new services if necessary and more. Having a few weeks to plan out quotes for movers or even new service providers if you have to change where you get your broadband can be helpful.

During around 5 to 6 weeks from your move, you may also want to consider acquiring extra storage space or working to eliminate some of the extra items that you have. By working to pair down some of your possessions you will have less to move on the day of your move.

This is also a really good time to consider picking out new carpets and furniture so that you can have the chance to price compare and pick out items that you really like for your new space.

Two weeks before moving

This is a time where you can start the process of packing up some of your nonessential items. Putting together some of your books, less used clothing and even some of your knickknacks away can be a great way to save time on packing later on.

Deregistering from all of your services and even considering the process of post-forwarding at this time can be very helpful. This will make sure that all of your subscriptions and mail will go to the new address when your arrangements are finalized. Notifying your bank and even changing your license at this time can be an appropriate response so that when you move in you won’t have to worry about all of the services having to transfer.

A week before moving

This is the time where you can start to pack up even some of your essentials. In most cases it’s a good idea to consider living out of a suitcase for the last few days that you are in your home. This can make the process of cleaning up your old home and preparing to move much simpler. Be sure to pack up some of your cleaning supplies as one of the last items to go on the truck as well. This can make sure that they are accessible if you need to perform any cleaning inside your new house.

Arranging transportation for your children and making sure that any pets can be looked after for the day is also something that’s quite essential in the last week before your move. Make sure that you have a plan for your pets and for your kids so that you can have an easier time with your move on the main day. Reconnecting with some of the people that agreed to help you or even calling up your moving company to reconfirm your moving date, can be a good idea at this stage.

Keep some of these ideas in mind when you are preparing for an upcoming move in the UK. Working to check some of these items off your list will ensure that you can enjoy a better move.

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