What Are The Best Loyalty Cards in The UK?

In the United States there are a number of consumers that are considered to be “loyalty hackers” these individuals can use items like airline rewards cards, grocery store rewards cards and even their credit cards to get some incredible deals on items that they buy every day. Recognizing a good promotion or loyalty reward could help you to see some ongoing savings and in the UK there are a number of businesses that can offer some helpful loyalty rewards as well. Here are some of the best loyalty cards in the UK that you should have in your wallet

The Tesco loyalty card

The Tesco club card allows members to regularly earn points for every single pound that they spend in store. Customers will get a single point for every pound spent including a number of special promotions from partners like the energy company E.on. When a customer receives 1000 points they can get access to a £10 shopping card for the store. You can also swap out The £10 for a series of ongoing rewards that could give you discounts and special offers on hotels and holidays too.

The Nectar Credit card

The Nectar dual credit card delivers one point for every £5 that is spent using the card. You can earn up to two points for every £1 spent at Sainsbury’s as well. If you are able to spend £250 in your first month with the card you can get 5000 nectar points that can be used on fuel and shopping. This card is a standard 18.95% APR credit card that can offer solid rewards if you regularly shop at these locations.

The M&S loyalty card

For every £1 that you spend at Marks & Spencer you can receive 10 Sparks points. These points aren’t directly redeemable for cash like with some rewards cards but when you acquire 5000 points you can get access to exclusive sales that can be seen by other customers. This card can really help you cut down on prices at Marks & Spencer.

The Boots advantage card

For every £1 that you spend in store you can get access to for bonus points on your card. Every bonus point is worth 1p and this ensures that when you hit 1000 points you will have an extra £10 to spend at any Boots location. The points are only good for redeeming money off a sale at this location and not for actual vouchers or cash.

Morrison’s loyalty card

Every time that you get petrol at Morrison’s you could be getting access to points. With 5 points that you can receive for every £1 you spend online or in-store, you can eventually get credits towards everything at the store too. Bonus points are available when you buy fuel at Morrison`s locations and you can earn 10 points for every leader that you put in your vehicle. For gift card purchases you can get 25 points for every £1 you spend. In some cases many people are purchasing gift cards and then fuel then swiping the card to see even greater points accumulation here! Once you reach 5000 points on the Morrison’s loyalty card you can redeem a five dollar voucher on anything in the Morrison`s shop.

American Express platinum cashback

As one of the top American credit cards, this is a credit card that is seen a lot of use in the UK. The American Express platinum cashback card delivers a 5% cash back for the first three months that you own the card. After that the card delivers a 1% cash back rising to 1.25% cash back on a £10,000 purchase.

Keep these top loyalty rewards cards in mind if you are looking for the best deals in the UK.

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