Financial Aid Schemes You Could Have For Your Home

The UK government delivers millions of pounds in benefits for people to apply for each year. There are a number of UK citizens across the country that don’t reserve the right to claim their benefits. Through an overall lack of awareness in the system, a massive amount of these benefit allotments go completely unclaimed. The government website Directgov has a complete listing of government benefits that are available for UK residents, but here are some of the most common UK benefits that often go unclaimed

The adult social care benefit

If you need assistance in paying for care in old age, you could be receiving a level of assistance that depends on where you live in the UK. Providing a supplement to your care budget could help you to pay for a regular nurse, the cost of a live in home and more.

The child benefit

This is a non-means tested benefit available to all parents in the UK. You can claim this benefit if you have children no matter what income level you are in. In some cases there can be controversy for higher rate taxpayers that used to withdraw the benefit, but if you would like to take advantage of this benefit, it’s completely within your rights as a UK citizen.

Cold weather payment

If the forecast dips below 0°C for seven consecutive days, a person applies for this benefit can receive ongoing payments at the end of each seven days from 1 November to 31 March to supplement with heating costs. £25 will be delivered each week for anyone qualifying for the cold weather payment if the weather satisfies these conditions.

Health costs

Citizens of the UK in the low income bracket are able to access a variety of health costs to pay for a number of procedures such as mandatory dental work to wigs and aesthetic features for quality-of-life.

In work credit

Parents who are bringing up children alone can get a tax-free payment that’s payable 52 weeks of the year on top of earnings. Parents throughout most of the country received £40 per week or £60 if they live in London.

Job Grant

If you are moving from benefits into a new job, you could qualify for a one-time tax-free payment of £250 as you prepare for a new position.

Jobseekers allowance

Although the nature of these benefits are widely publicized it’s also one of the benefits that is least applied for. If you work less than 16 hours a week on average and you are looking for work, you can get access to the jobseekers allowance.

School uniform allowances

Although this is repaired on a council by council basis, help can be given to pay for a child’s school uniform.

Local housing allowance

This tax credit is available for renters who are a private tenant with a low income. Renting a room from a private landlord can still give you access to a local housing allowance if you are in the low income bracket.

Crisis loan benefit

These are interest-free loans for individuals who are not able to meet the needs of their family during a disaster or immediate emergency. Crisis loans are an excellent alternative to credit card debt or other forms of emergency lending with high interest rates.

Keep some of these benefits which are commonly unused in mind if you are interested in seeking some assistance from the government. Remember that you can apply for most of these benefits in the UK if you demonstrate you are in a low income bracket. A few of these benefits are available to anyone regardless of their income bracket but commonly overlooked as well!