About me!

Hello! Welcome to my website. My name is Even Robins. After working in a variety of industries, having lived in a number of areas around the UK and undergone the general school of life, I have gained a wealth of knowledge surrounding household personal finance.

I decided to set this website a few years ago and has since turned into a real outlet for me to help people avoid the same mistakes that I made with my personal finances.

I graduated from Aston University in Birmingham, England with a degree in accounting, which has obviously helped me on the financial side, but that doesn’t make me right. If you want to challenge my ideas and suggest something different, I’d be happy to give you space on my website to do so!

I always welcome submissions from anyone and everyone who has something to say, as long as their intent is to help my audience. If you are interested in contributing to evenrobins.net, you can send me an email at evenrobins.webmaster@gmail.com

Other than that, thank you for visiting!